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Friday, November 5th 2010
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Martin Luther King, unemployment »

[19 Jan 2010 | Comments Off | ]

The day after the MLK holiday, and Bob Herbert of the New York Times has an op-ed on King, concluding that King’s “long campaign for economic justice has been all but forgotten.” The irony is that Herbert seems to have forgotten King’s emphasis on guaranteed income in addition to jobs. Here are the last few [...]

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[16 Jan 2010 | Comments Off | ]

Martin Luther King Jr. day, 2010. Most Americans do not know of Dr. King’s strong endorsement of guaranteed income, and on this day when we commemorate his birth most of the invocations of his life ignore that aspect of his legacy. An internet search on”Martin Luther King” and “guaranteed income” yields a few blog posts [...]

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[1 Jan 2010 | 2 Comments | ]

Though he’s mostly unknown in the United States outside a few elite universities where he’s been a visiting scholar, Slavoj Zizek is considered one of modern Europe’s leading philosophers. Following is a link to a talk he gave in November 2009 in London. After opening with a somewhat general discussion of modern capitalism, particularly the [...]