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Tuesday, July 19th 2011
[25 Oct 2010 | Uncategorized | Comments Off | ]

Here’s a Newsweek story about cash transfer programs in Brazil, South Africa, and Mexico. A mostly favorable story, too. Of course there’s no mention of the idea’s history in the United States, nor of the Basic Income Earth Network. Steven Shafarman

[2 Apr 2010 | federal budget, taxes | Comments Off | ]

David Brooks writes about taxes, deficits, and morality in his column today in the New York Times, and his ideas suggest some good reasons to support income security for all. Brooks does not go so far, of course. Perhaps one day he will. Here’s a key section: Debt reduction has to be about renewal and [...]

[16 Mar 2010 | Uncategorized | Comments Off | ]

When Elinor Ostrom was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics last year, the common response in the media was “Who’s that?” Not surprising, because Ostrom is a political scientist, primarily, not an economist, and had devoted her life to studying the way local communities organize to preserve common property resources. The current issue of [...]

[28 Feb 2010 | Coffee Party, Tea Party | Comments Off | ]

The anger Tea Party activists are expressing is real, and must be respected. Our government is wasteful, inefficient, unaccountable, oppressive, dysfunctional. That’s what they’re telling us. It’s hard to disagree. I attended the big rally they organized on the mall in Washington DC last September. I listened to the speakers and talked with attendees. I [...]

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I’ve been posting to this blog for more than a year, sometimes daily for a few weeks, recently going more than a month without anything. The main reason for recent silence is that I’ve been busy seeking some income security for myself. Over the past few months I’ve realized that the campaign for income security [...]

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1. The U.S. Basic Income Guarantee will be holding a joint meeting April 15-16, 2010, with BIEN Canada. We’ll be in Montreal, the meeting is free, and we welcome anyone who is interested in joining the conversation. I hope to meet you there. More information is at and at 2. BIEN, the Basic [...]

[19 Jan 2010 | Martin Luther King, unemployment | Comments Off | ]

The day after the MLK holiday, and Bob Herbert of the New York Times has an op-ed on King, concluding that King’s “long campaign for economic justice has been all but forgotten.” The irony is that Herbert seems to have forgotten King’s emphasis on guaranteed income in addition to jobs. Here are the last few [...]

[16 Jan 2010 | Uncategorized | Comments Off | ]

Martin Luther King Jr. day, 2010. Most Americans do not know of Dr. King’s strong endorsement of guaranteed income, and on this day when we commemorate his birth most of the invocations of his life ignore that aspect of his legacy. An internet search on”Martin Luther King” and “guaranteed income” yields a few blog posts [...]

Though he’s mostly unknown in the United States outside a few elite universities where he’s been a visiting scholar, Slavoj Zizek is considered one of modern Europe’s leading philosophers. Following is a link to a talk he gave in November 2009 in London. After opening with a somewhat general discussion of modern capitalism, particularly the [...]

[14 Dec 2009 | Uncategorized | Comments Off | ]

The Cantwell-Collins bill for “cap and dividend” is being debated in the environmental magazine Grist, and I’m taking a moment to insert some links to help readers of this blog find those articles. Here’s a piece by Peter Barnes that a friend sent me: At the bottom of that one are links to several [...]