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Saturday, June 20th 2009
[21 May 2009 | Uncategorized, happiness | One Comment | ]

Income security and the pursuit of happiness.
It’s good to pause at times and think about what it means when people talk about “the pursuit of happiness,” particularly when we assert that it’s an “inalienable right.”
Income security may, in fact, be a prerequisite for happiness. That’s one conclusion I draw from a short article by Daniel [...]

[20 May 2009 | environment, gas taxes | One Comment | ]

Rapid climate progress requires income security for all. Too bad most people, particularly elected politicians, don’t realize it. Our job is to educate them.
There have been lots of news stories over the past two days about the Obama administration setting stricter fuel efficiency standards. Opponents insist that the new standards will raise car prices and [...]

To save capitalism, income security for all is imperative.
That phrase, “saved capitalism,” is one many historians use to describe Franklin Roosevelt’s actions in response to the Great Depression. We got Social Security; the FDIC, to insure bank deposits; the SEC, to protect investors and restore confidence in financial markets; and other government agencies and programs.
Roosevelt [...]

The logic of income security for all - and bailing out people, not banks - is illustrated, though only indirectly, by a front page story in today’s New York Times.
The story is about community banks, and merits front-page coverage because it’s an aspect of the situation that’s been generally ignored. Community banks are mostly fine. [...]

Income security for all will solve many social and political problems, including improving health care and saving rainforests.
If anyone still doubts the power of viral social marketing, there’s a nice example in today’s New York Times, and it relates directly to several aspects of income security for all. The Times story is about a video [...]

[8 May 2009 | Uncategorized | 4 Comments | ]

Income security for all is the best and fastest way to fix or heal the economy.
But first:
Are you tired of news about “the economy”? When you listen to the people on TV and radio - the reporters, commentators, and authors; the bankers, CEOs, and economists; and the politicians, too - do you sometimes wonder if [...]

[7 May 2009 | Uncategorized | No Comment | ]

Income security for all will end hunger rapidly and directly.
Are you concerned about hunger? Do you want to end homelessness?
We can end hunger in America, rapidly, completely, by enacting Citizen Dividends. The same approach, modified, can end hunger around the world. More about how we’ll achieve that in a moment.
An organization dedicated to ending childhood [...]

[6 May 2009 | jobs | No Comment | ]

When you were a child, what did you want to be or do when you grew up?
Recall those dreams or goals, please, for a moment at least. What did you want to do or be?
Did you dream of getting a job and working eight or ten hours a day at, say, Wal-Mart or some other [...]

[5 May 2009 | health care, poverty | No Comment | ]

After roughly ten days of nearly constant news about the rapidly-spreading swine flu, it now appears to be relatively mild. That’s very good news.
There are many lessons. One is that we depend on government. In crisis situations particularly, we rely on government to respond appropriately and inform us responsibly. President Obama and other officials mostly [...]

[4 May 2009 | jobs | One Comment | ]

At GM and Chrysler, autoworkers and their union have agreed to concessions to “save” the companies, to save their jobs. Wages are falling. There have been many reports of falling wages, as well, in businesses and industries around the country.
That’s more evidence for why we need Citizen Dividends, a guaranteed basic income.
Economist Paul Krugman discusses [...]