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Friday, November 5th 2010

Articles, pre-2009

Selected articles written before was created.

(These are for general readers. More academic and technical articles are at USBIG, BIEN, Basic Income Studies, and elsewhere.)

Stephen J. Fortunato Jr.,  “The Imperative of an International Guaranteed Income.” Monthly Review, April 2007. The author is an associate justice of the Rhode Island Superior Court.

Robert H. Frank,  “The Other Milton Friedman: A Conservative with a Social Welfare Program.” New York Times, November 2006 (and his 2009 book, The Economic Naturalist’s Field Guide). Frank is a professor at of economics at Cornell University and co-author with Ben Benanke of a popular economics textbook.

Sean Butler, “Life, Liberty and a Little Bit of Cash.” Dissent Magazine, summer 2005. Some history, with reporting from the 2004 meeting of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network meeting.

Steven Shafarman, “A Way to World Peace?.” 2002. A speculative piece from a European journal and circulated online.

Following are USBIG discussion papers cited in the History of Income Security Ideas on this site. (Note: Most are Word documents, to download.)

Robert Harris, “The Guaranteed Income Movement of the 1960s and 1970s.” He was executive director of the President’s Commission on Income Maintenance.

Robert A. Levine, Harold Watts, et. al., “A Retrospective on the Negative Income Tax Experiments.” A panel discussion with several participants.

Karl Widerquist, “A Failure to Communicate.” Reviews the literature on the Income Maintenance Experiments.

Allen Sheahen and Karl Widerquist, A Proposal to Transform the Standard Deduction into a Standard Tax Credit. The paper that led to H.R. 5257, the Tax Cut for the Rest of Us Act of 2006.

Analyses of the costs of basic income, using different assumptions and methodologies.

Irwin Garfinkle et. al. at Columbia University
Charles M. A. Clark at St. John’s University
Another piece by Charles M. A. Clark
Allen Sheahen, independent scholar (a pdf)