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Tuesday, July 19th 2011

History of Income Security Ideas

A Brief History of Income Security Ideas


Thomas Jefferson


Thomas Paine


Abraham Lincoln


Henry George

Edward Bellamy

The Populist and Progressive Movements


Bertrand Russell


The Townsend Plan and Social Security

Share Our Wealth and Huey Long


Franklin Roosevelt

F. A. Hayek

Negative Income Tax

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Peter Drucker


Milton Friedman

Robert Theobald

John Kenneth Galbraith

Erich Fromm

Marshall McLuhan

Martin Luther King Jr.

Margaret Mead

Philip Wogaman

Paul Samuelson

Lyndon Johnson and the President’s Commission on Income Maintenance

Buckminster Fuller

Richard Nixon and the Family Assistance Plan

Daniel Patrick Moynihan

The Income Maintenance Experiments


D.C. Statehood Party

George McGovern

James Tobin

Gerald Ford and the Earned Income Tax Credit

Jimmy Carter


Leonard M. Greene

Allan Sheahen

Alaska — the Permanent Fund Dividend

Alfred F. Andersen

BIEN, the Basic Income Earth Network


Jeffrey Smith and Gary Flo, the Geonomy Society

Philippe Van Parijs

Theresa Funiciello

Jeremy Rifkin

Hazel Henderson

Robert Schutz

Michael L. Murray

Steven Shafarman

Bruce Ackerman and Anne Alstott

2000 on

USBIG, the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network

“American People’s Dividend,” the Congressional Progressive Caucus

Citizen Policies Institute

Guy Standing

Robley E. George

Eduardo Suplicy

Green Party of the United States

Stakeholder Accounts

Stanley Aronowitz

The Tax Cut for the Rest of Us Act of 2006

Charles Murray

Basic Income Studies

Marshall Brain

The 2008 presidential primaries

Richard C. Cook

Joseph V. Kennedy